we make up our voices
to carry you
we’re long distance drivers
of the almost true

pulling drama out of the air waves
taking you for a ride
parading our insides
with a dreamer’s pride

we are vehicles

we are vehicles
driving to find out who you are
we transport you far
to the mirror of the stars

but our lives unravel
like drunks in a bar
as we heal your wounds
we hurt from the scars

we are vehicles

we are vehicles of the almost true
we crash that’s what we do
we break down in our lonely cars
driving you to the mirror of the stars

we are chariots of fire

Viola XTC

I proudly present Viola XTC
born to be ents
the essence
of love-lorn

I created her as diva
she emerged from my lab
all sensual and fab…
I am Dr Trettinenstein
she is my queen, my alter Caroline.
A production of mine.

A dramatic persona
a vehicle of glamour
full of drive
I’m her careful owner.

She is a torch songstress
performing sweet blue artifice
made with kisses and steel
to move you
make you feel real.
She is your vehicle.